Trends 2017

Hi lovelies today we are talking about the hottest trends of the the trends which we have seen almost everywhere are below

One thing we’ve noticed this summer,tassels are literally hanging almost everywhere.I like the way these tassels bring colour and freshness to a look.Tassels are the must-have fashion accessories for this summer.It gives a punch of colour.From tasseled scarfs to tasseled dresses,consider elevating your wardrobe this season with tasseled accessories.
I personally love this trend because it’s easy to wear and comfortable.

2)Off shoulders!!
It’s been months we are seeing ladies wearing off shoulders!!!! So yes they are still in trend for the upcoming season! They give you a casual look and can be wore anywhere anytime.There’s a stunning range of off-the-shoulder tops, whether you’re looking for a little crop top, crisp sailor top or a variation on the standard tee. A nautical tee makes a great outfit when teamed with denim cut-offs, whilst a sleek black top worn with a striking black maxi skirt is the height of chic. But before wearing make sure that you don’t have any unpleasant fats surrounding your neck! So it’s time to shed some kilos before wearing them ♥️

3)Poker straight hair.
so guys poker straight hair is a thing again.whether you part it perfectly down the middle or you make a deep side part,you’ll slay this straight hair looks really sleek and stylish.

This look was recently spotted by Alyzeh Gabool she was wearing ezra couture but her hair was totally stealing the show.

Maya Ali made an appearance at lux style awards 2017.This look of her is one of our favourite due to its simplicity.

Sadaf Kanwal never seems to get it wrong with her hair.This style looks simply stunning with her dress.

4)ruffles and frills
Ruffles and frills are here to stay guys.
One of our favourite trend,frills are here to stay.we have seen them on some of our celebrities.Ruffles are fun -wear them in any style whether it’s on your pants or sleeves. choose to do put the trend on sleeves or’ll be slaying over any look with this technique.

5)metallic 👠
For this summer, metallic shoes are must! They are trendy and stylish! They can be wore to suppers, lunches and dinner as well! They give us a formal look.and you can rock your look by wearing these.They can be wore to weddings and parties as well! And it can turn your outfit on fleek.They come with buckles, laces, open toe , reptile skin texture, sequins and much more! So just buy them because they are a never ending trend!
6)block heels.
This is one pair you definitely need in your wardrobe.block heels are back in trend ladies!!!!!!
Yess you have heard it right!!! It is a major come back after 70’s. After suffering through years of teetering-too-high platforms, and tottering around on pencil-thin stilettos, this refreshingly walk able style is an obvious crowd- pleaser. You can easily wear them to offices or dinner dates! They look perfect with any dress, jeans or your ravishing LAWN JORAAS! So say hello to them this season!!



Diy:Rice Mask (even skin tone)

Hi my lovelies! So are you Worried about uneven skin tone?don’t worry we’ve got perfect solution for your problems. Uneven skin tone can be the result of discoloration of skin due to constant exposure to sun. It is not really difficult to have perfect just need to be continual in taking care of your skin.Tanned skin looks tired,dull and unhealthy.this sun tan removal mask help retains back your original colour. Here’s how you can make this simple mask.

-Things you need
*1 tablespoon Rice powder
*1 tablespoon milk

Mix both the ingredients in a bowl .wash your face before applying this mask.apply the mixture on the affected area,leave it on for 25 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.


hair care routine

So a lot of you have been asking me about my hair hayeee kitney pyarey baal hein blah blah kya lagati ho in balon pr humay bhi batao.😀
So here is my hair care routine for all those cupcakes 😚
I shampoo my hair with pantene and I wash my hair twice a week.guys honestly i don’t use any conditioners or any other products i stick to natural things.please don’t wash your hair every single day because it makes your hair frizzy.washing your hair everyday,makes your scalp hair is naturally silky and straight.please note that hair quality comes down to genes.however if you do take good care of it you’ll see a change.

-Things you need
*Castor oil
*Black seed oil
*Coconut oilMix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with half tablespoon of Castor oil and haalf tablespoon of black seed oil.Apply this mixture on the roots.Leave this oil mixture on for about 2 hours. use this oil before every wash(twice a week).
Castor oil prevents hair loss and makes your hair smoother,stronger and less frizzy.
Coconut oil improves scalp health,supports hair growth and add volume and shine to your hair.and last but not the least black seed oil ,helps to strengthen hair follicles thus prevents loss of hair.

Disclaimer: always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients.

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